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Lynx Telematics featured on ABC News' World News Tonight
Made in America Series Cincinnati Company Pitches Their Idea to WalMart

Cincinnati, OH - In the age of digital everything, today's parents still struggle with ways to monitor their teenage children's behavior, especially when they are behind the wheel of a car.  Cincinnati company, Lynx Telematics has come up with an inexpensive, noninvasive method to give teenagers the driving freedom they desire, while still allowing parents to monitor and coach their driving behavior.

The Made in America Series television program produced by ABC World News showcases American companies who are developing innovative products. In conjunction with WalMart, they conducted a nationwide contest in which thousands of American companies showcased their products. Out of the thousands of entries, voting eliminated them down to 20.

As part of the final 20, Lynx Telematics was invited to pitch his company's product, LynxSafe to the judges at WalMart on the Made in America show. LynxSafe is a State of the Art GPS, satellite and cellular technology device which enables parents the ability to monitor their children's driving patterns from any internet compatible device. The program provides REAL TIME access 24/7, 365 days per year. "I often describe the program as having a guardian angel on my kids shoulder" explained Lynx. "I want to give my kids independence, but I want to know they are driving responsibly. Our tool provides speed and driving alerts, vehicle location, and accident notifications. It allows me to monitor where and when they are driving our car."

The LynxSafe product is designed to encourage safe and responsible driving. Perfect for the average parent, LynxSafe is easily installed in two minutes and inexpensively priced. It provides a simple means to encourage safe, lifelong driving habits.

For more information on the LynxSafe product, contact Lynx Telematics at 513-965-6305.

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