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How can our telematics technology help Dealers manage their inventory?

Dealers who pre-install the LynxSafe units on their entire stock have a unique asset management tool to help manage your inventory from anywhere, at any time.  The exact location of each vehicle is transmitted via GPS to a satellite that releases the information to a dealer’s home computer, office computer or mobile phone on demand.

Lynx Telematics account managers can show you how to customize reports, establish GeoFencing perimeters and get the most efficient and cost effective use out of this powerful dealer inventory management tool.

  • The colored dots on the diagram to the right represent vehicles loaded with LynxSafe and owned by ABC Motors.
  • Notice that some are being demoed or serviced while others are parked at establishments around town.
  • Dots change color depending on if the vehicles are currently being driven, or if they are in park.

You request the location of your vehicles. You choose how you want to be notified. You maintain better control of your assets. It’s that easy.

What LynxSafe can offer Dealers:

Inventory Audit:
Dealers and managers can be alerted anytime a vehicle is off property for any reason. See the current location of every car in your inventory.

Test Drive Notification:
Help boost your closing percentage by immediately notifying mangers when a test drive leaves and returns to the lot, using our GeoFencing feature. You determine the boundaries that work best for your location.

Low Battery Alerts:
Stop losing sales due to dead batteries! Text or email notifications are sent to service staff when battery levels drop below 11.8 volts. No more unpleasant surprises for your sales team.

Floorplan Assistance: 
Commercial lenders are willing to advance the product on the flooring line thereby making frontloading affordable.

Insurance Discounts: 
Insurance companies have expressed willingness to offer rate reductions on policies to auto dealers who use telematics on their inventory.

Improved Service Department Marketing:
Your service department can receive custom reports showing when a LynxSafe customer needs service. Large direct mail marketing campaigns for your service department are eliminated, allowing for better targeting marketing.

Unload Option:
Easily take the device out of the vehicle if the customer doesn’t want to purchase it, or transfer the device to a different car in no time flat.

Off Hours:
Deter inappropriate use of your dealership’s vehicles during off hours. Know who has which vehicle and know exactly where they are taking it.