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Providing Auto Dealers with the tools to drive their business into the world of telematics…

Unlike the auto industry’s most popular “on demand” device, LynxSafe can be easily installed on any make and model car in your inventory, 1996 or newer – ultimately giving you the opportunity to profit on the sale of the safety and security features your customers want. The demand for this product is documented – a recent 3rd party survey by Accenture concluded that 84% of U.S. drivers want this product in their vehicle. Give your customers what they want, while gaining a competitive edge and turning a higher profit on the sale of both new AND used cars in your inventory.

 Easy add-on to deal that generates an extra $500 per unit sold. 

  • Your service department can install it in seconds.
  • Roadside service
  • Service Dept. can receive custom notifications when each LynxSafe customer vehicle needs servicing for laser target marketing.
  • Brochures, window stickers and POS displays can be co-branded for a more personal touch.

What LynxSafe Gives Your Customers:

Impact Notification: Our emergency call center is immediately notified when the vehicle is in a collision. They are given “peace of mind” knowing that emergency services have already been dispatched to the scene of the accident via alert.

Theft Recovery: Track their car’s current location in real-time. Insurance companies are offering discounts on cars that have our device.

Road-Side Assistance: Battery service, out of gas, flat tire, towing, lock-out service are all part of the package. With our GPS, the service truck already knows the exact location of their car.

Low Battery Notification: Receive an alert when the car battery goes below 12 volts, avoiding the inconvenience and safety risks of a dead battery.

Real-time Diagnostics: Whether it’s an oil change, engine problem, or regular mileage check-up, they will know what their car needs and when it needs it.

On-Demand Locates: Know where their car is, anytime day or night using any internet enabled device – smart phone, home computer or laptop.

Monitor Teen Drivers: Receive an alert when their teen driver is speeding, coming to abrupt stops (i.e. texting while driving) and displaying excessive RPM.

Keep Tabs on Elder Drivers: Receive notification when elderly loved ones have reached their destination, allowing them to remain independent longer.

Safety Zones/Geo Fence: Create a virtual boundary around a selected location (house/work/school) and be notified when the vehicle enters or exits these locations via alert.

Concierge Service: Turn-by-turn directions, locate restaurants and hotels, make reservations and locate businesses.
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: If they ever have a problem with the Lynx Telematics device, simply send it back to us and we’ll replace it for free. It’s that simple.